The lack of communication between chief, council and community has been a major concern for many of you. Ensuring council minutes are fully transcribed in a timely fashion and available to all members is just the first step in passing on information. There are several other initiatives that could be considered to help connect us.

Exploring the possibility of re-establishing a community radio station is one such idea. Not all our members are tech savvy or have access to computers. Webcasting council meetings is a great start in passing along information but, by combining communication mediums we would increase the information flow. How about the possibility of a partnership with a news bulletin such as the Westend Weekly? We could get the information our members need in print and from here maybe look at an apprentice type program for those wanting to get into journalism. It would sure go a long way in encouraging our membership in furthering their education.

We could look into the feasibility of an information officer to act as a liaison between the community and councillors to ensure member concerns are channelled to the right councillor and information not get lost in the shuffle.

I’m sure there are many other ways we can become more effective in this field. Your input at community meetings, before council or in individual open forums is important. Each and every one has a voice in the decisions that affect the community and only by effective communication can this be done.


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